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On June 19th, 2007 CruzData Inc, has received approval for its now patented CruzCard that provides a secure data storage and retrieval system in the size of a credit card.Cruzdata has pushed for a secure, convenient storage method and offered it’s CruzCard as a leading example of how to secure large amounts of data in a convenient package that your average consumer can keep with them at all times. Applications for this product range from keeping medical records to a secure identification card for government uses.

The Team

Staff and Patent Team
Tom Maher
CEO Emeritus
Mr. Maher has over 30 years of senior management experience in the semiconductor and storage industries. As President and COO of Sunward Technologies he manufactured disc drive read/writes heads for Seagate, Conner, WD and others. As a senior VP at Seagate, Mr. Maher became the world’s largest and most cost effective manufacturer of magnetic recording media. Mr. Maher also served as Vice President for National Semiconductor, Synertek, and at Avatar he produced portable storage media and drives. Mr. Maher has been part of several venture capital turn-around teams. He has also established many storage and semiconductor plants in Singapore and other parts of Asia for Seagate Technology, Sunward Technology and others.

Morgan Maher
Morgan Maher has spent 10 years as software and database developer. During that time he has been involved with the web enabling of Oracle Databases using Java. He has developed custom biometric capture software for CruzData. Mr. Maher has also been involved in competitive market research, business plan development, and budget development. As part of the start up team he has been involved in all product and business presentations. Mr. Maher holds an M.S. from Stanford University in Operations Research with coursework in the Graduate School of Business as well.

Larry Maher
Mr. Maher is an IT Professional and Web developer Certified Network Professional. He has developed many professional web sites. He also has substantial experience in the areas of server side setup and design, networking, training and troubleshooting. In addition, Mr. Maher is a superb graphic artist and a skilled accounting professional.
Patent Team
  • Morgan Maher
  • Charlie Centofante
  • Thomas Maher
  • Larry Maher  
  • Jim Jacques